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9 Top myths about Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are getting very popular as the air quality is getting worse day-by-day. And if you still believe that indoor air is not much affected by this pollution then you are wrong.

As per World Health Organization, Indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted as compared with outdoor air.

As we all know pollutants can enter into air through any medium. Either they are in the form of pollen, weeds, harmful gases or dust. Any form of pollutant can cause disturbance & lead to different allergy or diseases.

With the best air purifiers, you can improve the quality of indoor air as they effectively eliminate the most harmful particles. A good air purifier will worth every penny spend on it.

Do we really need an Air Purifier?

India has the world’s worst polluted air. Yeah you heard it right, out of 132 countries assessed by Yale & Columbia, India is at the bottom. This creates a major health concern for all of us who are breathing in the polluted air every day.

After this Diwali, the quality of air has diminished further. Presently, there are more than one crore vehicles on Delhi roads. The city is not just car-congested but also turning into a gas chamber. From the past decade, the pollution level has only increased

Studies have shown that indoor air is filled with pollutants as compared with outside air.

This rise in pollution has a major role in increased breathing problems. If you are prone to dust, mold, smoke or any other pollutant, then investing in a air purifier is a must for you.

A little investment can save you from breathing discomfort & might also save you from hospital bills.

delh air pollution

As internet is already loaded with so much information about the air purifiers, it also has some major myths involved. So let’s clear the air once and for all.

Myth: Air purifier can replace the Vacuum cleaner.

Fact: Air purifier is clearly not a device that will clean your carpets or sofas. It won’t remove the settled dust. For that, one needs a vacuum cleaner. But, what air purifier responsible for, is to clean the air around the room. The air purifier will remove the contaminants from the air to improve the indoor air quality.

Myth: Air Purifier is a room freshener.

Fact: Clearly if indoor air has fewer pollutants it will smell fresh. But that doesn’t mean that air purifier can remove the odor of dirty laundry. If there is some foul odor because of pollutants that will surely go away once you start using an air purifier.

Myth: Air purifier can destroy viruses present in the air.

air purifier destroy viruses

Fact: Yeah some of the air purifiers has inbuilt technology to filter out the viruses. But too be specific not all air purifiers can destroy viruses & other pathogens. It’s specific for some models. So while buying be informed about the product & its features.

Myth: Air-conditioner can replace Air purifiers.

Fact: Both the terms & appliances are completely different. An air-conditioner is responsible for eliminating the warm air & maintaining desired temperature of the room.

While an Air purifier is responsible for purifying the indoor air by eliminating the present allergens & pollutants from the air around the room.

Myth: Air purifier should come with an indicator.

Fact: The main thing to focus on before buying an air purifier must be its filters & the inbuilt technology. An indicator may add some ease in use and style in the design. But the real parameter should be the performance of the device.

Myth: Air purifiers doesn’t work when doors & windows are open

Fact: An air purifier is more effective when doors & windows are open. As the good ventilation or fresh air circulation helps the device to function better. It also helps in eliminating the particles faster.

Myth: Air Purifiers are effective only when you are near

Fact: Depending on the given Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating in cubic feet per minute (CFM) the device will be able to clear the air evenly around the whole room. So it doesn’t matter where do you sit.

Myth : Air Conditioners can replace Air Purifier

Fact : Air Conditioning and Air Purifying are two different things. An air conditioners cools the warm air present in the room with evaporator coil, compressor and condenser coil, while Air Purifier removes small particles, pollens and other allergens present in the air.

HEPA filter

Air conditioners doesn’t have HEPA filter, as HEPA filter can remove impurities at microscopic level which are only present in Air Purifier.
To get the best results Air Purifiers and AC’s should be used simultaneously as one will clean the inside air and others will provide a cooling effect in the room.

Myth: All air purifiers work more or less the same.

Fact: Like any other device, the performance of an air purifier also depends on its technology. Better the technology, better the performance. So not all the air purifiers are works same.

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  1. Many people wonder if the so-called facts they hear about energy efficiency facts are true or not. In reality, there are many energy efficiency myths hiding among these statements. Most of these need to be debunked in order to bring in some degree of clarity.

  2. Don’t buy an air purifier with an ionizer. They don’t remove particles from the air, and the ozone they produce can have harmful side effects, even if the purifier claims that they only charge the particles “a little bit.” That’s why the air purifier industry has united almost all-encompassingly against the sale and use of so-called ozone generators. Even the California Air Resources Board, a government agency, has taken measures to warn people about the harm they can cause.

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