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11 Best Inverter AC (Air Conditioners) in India 2020 | Complete Guide

You know you love them. So do we. They are just such an important part of our life and we can’t just live without them. Yep, I’m talking about ACs.
In this article, I am going to tell you about the Best Inverter ACs in India for your Home and Office use For 2020.

best inverter ac 1

Air Conditioners have become a vital part of our routine. However these technical master pieces can be heavy on the pocket and on the electrical consumption.

To save you from that, here’s a list of some of the best Inverter ACs in the market that you can use in the upcoming summer and stay summer ready. An Inverter AC adapts its speed depending on the heat in the room.

Inverter ACs are energy efficient, cheaper on the pocket and keeps you cool at a consistent rate. Basically, they’re just the best.

Dear Readers we highly recommend you all to kindly read the AC Buying Guide which is present at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge and insights about all the latest Air Conditioner technologies.

So, without wasting any more time, here is the list of Best Split Inverter ACs.

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Best Inverter AC

Check out the below list for 2 Ton Split Air Conditioners and 1 Ton Air Conditioners

1) Voltas 1.5-Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC ( Copper, 183VCZJ)

voltas inverter split ac

Voltas Ltd. Is an Indian company that specialises in Air Conditioners and other cooling technology such as coolers. It is a trusted name in Indian households. The AC in question can efficiently cool the room even at temperatures above 46°C which is considered to be quite challenging for other ACs. The following are some other awesome features of this AC.


  • 5 ton capacity
  • 3-star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter technology
  • High ambient cooling even at high temperature of 52°C
  • Environment friendly R-32 refrigerant with low risk of causing ozone depletion
  • Warranty- 1 year on the product, 1 year on the Condenser and 5 years on Compressor.
  • ISEER- 56
  • Great sleek look
  • The remote works at 180° radius of the Indoor Unit.
  • Cools instantly and efficiently
  • Low power consumption
  • Poor customer service
  • Vertical swing which only covers about 50% of the room properly.

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2) Daikin 1.5-Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC (Copper, ATKL50TV)

daikin star Inverter split ac

Daikin Industries Ltd. is a multinational AC manufacturing company based in Osaka, Japan.

One of the best features about all Daikin ACs (including the one in question), is that they  have a  ‘Self Diagnosis’  feature for easy  trouble shooting. Following  are some of   the other features of the AC in question.


  • 5 Ton Capacity
  • 3 star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter Compressor
  • Quiet Operation
  • Self diagnosis- diagnoses its own internal problems and shows error code on the temperature display of the Indoor
  • Warranty- 1year on the product, 1 year on the Condenser, and 5 years on the Compressor.
  • Annual Energy Consumption-1045 Unit
  • ISEER-7
  • Power Chill Option which cools at the room instantly which provides cooling comfort from scorching heat outside.
  • Indoor Unit produces less noise.
  • No variable swing option
  • No horizontal flip
  • Customers have complained of poor customer and installation services.

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3) Sanyo 1.5-Ton 3-star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

sanyo 2ton inverter wide split ac

Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., formerly a member of Fortune Global 500 is a Japan based electronics company. Following are some of the features of the said AC.


  • 5 Ton Capacity
  • 3 star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with dual Inverter technology
  • Anti-dust filter
  • Glacier mode- the fan works at 35% greater speed
  • Auto-Restart- after power cut, the unit starts automatically when the power is resumed
  • Self-diagnosis
  • R-32 eco friendly refrigerant
  • Back-light remote that glows in the dark giving easier
  • Comes equipped with sleep/timer
  • Power Consumption per annum-18 units
  • ISEER-7
  • Cost effective
  • Wide Indoor Unit
  • Doesn’t have left/right swing
  • Slightly noisier (43dBA)

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4) Whirlpool 1.5-Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC

whirlpool inverter split ac

We all know Whirlpool’s commercial tune. Partly cause it’s so catchy and partly cause it’s such a popular name in India when comes to home appliances. It is a USA based multinational manufacturing and marketing company. Following are some of the features of this Whirlpool AC –


  • 5 ton capacity
  • 3-star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter technology
  • Cools efficiently at extreme temperatures (55°C)
  • Noise-36 dBA
  • Power Consumption per annum – 1410 Units
  • Warranty- 1 year on the product, 1 year on Condenser and 10 years on Compressor
  • Less noisy than other ACs
  • This is comparatively cheaper than other ACs with similar capacity and star- ratings.
  • No Cons

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5) Sanyo 2-Ton 3-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

sanyo 2ton inverter wide split ac

Sanyo is very well tried and tested in Indian market and climate. Guess what? It’s doing great. So, here goes another Sanyo AC with the following features.

  • 2 Ton Capacity
  • 3-Star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with dual Inverter technology
  • Anti-dust filter
  • Glacier mode with 35% greater fan speed.
  • Auto restart
  • Eco Function mode for energy efficient operation.
  • Eco friendly R-32 refrigerant
  • Back-lit remote for easier access in the dark
  • The option of Sleep mode/timer
  • Self diagnosis for easy trouble shooting.
  • ISEER- 3.70
  • Cost effective
  • Greater and better cooling cause of the glacier mode
  • Works efficiently even at temperatures above 46°C
  • Poor customer/installation services in some areas.

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6) Daikin 1.5-Ton 4-Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 5TKP50TV)

daikin 4 star inverter split ac

With a 4star rating by BEE, and trusted technology of Daikin, this AC is affordable, efficient and environment friendly. Here are some of the features of this Air Conditioner.


  • 1.5 tonnage capacity
  • 4-star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter Compressor
  • Power saving mode for energy efficiency
  • Availability of sleep mode and timer option
  • Eco friendly Refrigerant R-32 with lower risk to Ozone layer
  • Warranty- 1 year on the product, 1 year on the Condenser and 10 years. on
  • Compressor.
  • ISEER- 4.17
  • Energy efficient- lower power consumption
  • Lower electricity bill
  • No temperature display unit on the Indoor Unit, you have to depend on the remote for the details.

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7) Voltas 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, SAC-185V-J2Z)

voltas 5 star inverter split ac

Owned by TATA, Voltas specialises in cooling technology. So, without a doubt, you can say that this is their forte. Equipped with Dehumidifier, Anti-dust filter, Anti-bacterial filter, this AC is all set for summer and even for humid monsoon season. Following are some major features of this AC.


  • High temperature tolerance
  • Advanced air purification to remove harmful odours
  • Stabilizer free Operation cause of low start-up voltage
  • Active dehumidifier which senses indoor humidity and controls it in monsoon season
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-dust air filter
  • Warranty- 1 year on the product, 1 year on the Condenser and 5 years on the Compressor.
  • ISEER- 4.51
  • Efficient and fast cooling- according to customers, it cools an approx. 150sq feet room in less than 5mins.
  • The fan is noisy.

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8) Sanyo 1.5-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (Copper, SI/SO- 15T5SCIC)

sanyo 5 star dual inverter wide split ac

With efficient Japanese technology of Sanyo and Panasonic’s trust, it is one of the most successful and efficient Air Conditioner Manufacturing companies available in India today. Here are some of the features of Sanyo 1.5-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC.


  • 1.5 tonnage capacity
  • 5-Star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter Compressor
  • Eco Function on the remote to optimize performance for energy efficient operation.
  • Auto-Restart in case of power-cut.
  • Self diagnoses and displays error code at the temperature display on the Indoor Unit
  • Back-lit remote with glow in the dark features on the control buttons for easier access in the dark.
  • Eco friendly R-32 refrigerant which has lower risk of depleting the Ozone layer.
  • Comes equipped with Sleep mode and Timer options which will come handy while going to sleep.
  • Warranty- 1 year warranty on the entire product, 1 year on the Condenser and 5 years warranty on the Compressor.
  • ISEER value- 4.60
  • It gives less electricity bill. You save money on electricity bills each month.
  • The pricing is very reasonable and fitting for such an efficient product.
  • The advance technology used in this product makes it user friendly and environmental friendly as well
  • Some Customers have complained of no power cord being supplied to them.
  • The product emits a moderate amount of noise according to the customers.
  • Users have experienced certain problems with the remote of the device including delayed response etc.

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9) Daikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner (Copper, PTKG50TV)

daikin 5 star inverter split ac
One of the most popular AC models available in India today, Daikin is efficient and effective. It comes equipped with the following features-


  • 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • 5 star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Inverter Compressor
  • Copper Condenser suitable for Indian climate and is energy efficient.
  • Low noise emission- 29 dBA
  • Expandable Inverter AC
  • Auto restart suitable for power cuts
  • Warranty- 1 year on the product, and 5 years on the compressor.
  • ISEER- value- 4.70
  • Fast and efficient cooling
  • Low sound emission
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Users have experienced troubles with the remote.
  • There is no temperature display on the Indoor unit and the user has to rely on the remote for the details of the AC function.

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10) LG 1.5-Ton 5-Star Split Dual Inverter AC

lg split dual inverter ac
LG Electronics Inc. is a company based in South Korea. It is very well known and trusted in Indian market as well as Indian households. LG was the first brand to bring Dual Inverter technology in Air Conditioners to the Indian market. This AC still remains to be one of the best Energy and Cost efficient ACs out there in the market.


  • 1.5 ton capacity
  • 5 star rating by BEE
  • Split AC with Dual Inverter technology. Provides dual cooling because of the dual rotary motors.
  • Gold Fin™ Condenser with Anti-corrosive technology.
  • 100% Copper with Ocean black which is suitable for Indian climate. It
  • provides protection from salt, sand, pollutants etc. Also gives extended lifespan to the appliance.
  • Eco friendly R-32 refrigerant which has lower potential to cause global warming.
  • Active Energy Control- Gives 40-80% reduction in power consumption. 57% more energy saving.
  • Gives optimum cooling.
  • Stabilizer free Operation.
  • Warranty- The product comes with 1 year warranty on the product, and 10 years on Compressor and gas changing.
  • ISEER- Value- 4.73.
  • Works with the same efficiency at extremely temperatures. Even at 52°C temperature.
  • The technology is Eco-friendly.
  • It is very cost effective. Not only is the cost reasonable, it also saves a lot of money on electricity bill.
  • Some users have complained about noise.
  • Some users have complained about unsatisfactory customer services and poor installation services post purchase.

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Inverter ACs- Why should you bother about one?

Even though we love all ACs, Inverter ACs are more energy efficient, less noisy, more efficient in cooling the room, and are a great investment in long run. The most basic difference between an Inverter AC and its Non-Inverter counterpart is that, the compressor of the Inverter AC is always working as compared with normal AC.

In a Non-Inverter AC, the compressor stops working completely after the desired temperature is achieved. It stays ‘OFF’ until the temperature rises to a couple degrees or more.

Then, it starts again. Unlike this, the compressor of an Inverter AC works constantly with varying speed. The compressor  slows down  once  the desired  temperature is achieved  but  doesn’t stop. It picks up the speed of the temperature changes.

inverter ac power saving 1

So, how does a Non-Inverter AC consumes more electricity than the Inverter AC if the later’s compressor is always on? Well, this is because the continuous starting and stopping of the compressor consumes a lot of electricity. When the compressor starts, it consumes about 3 times more electricity.

Introduction to Inverter AC

What are the other differences between an Inverter AC and a Inverter AC?

 Non-Inverter AcInverter AC
1.CompressorStops when the desired
temperature is achieved and then starts again.
Runs continuously.
2.SpeedRuns with the same speedSuns with varying speed
3.Cooling EfficiencyIt works more to cool but then it stops and starts again when the temperature rises a couple degrees.
So, it doesn’t cool the room
It works with varying speeds of the compressor which helps maintain a consistency in cooling the room.
4.Power ConsumptionThe restarting of the compressor consumes 3times
more power.
Consumes less power than Non-Inverter one.
5.Electricity BillsNeedless to say that the Non- Inverter AC gives more electricity bills cause of more
power consumption.
An Inverter AC gives less electricity bill cause it consumes less power.
6.CostsThe Non-Inverter AC costs less than an Inverter one when buying.
The lifetime cost is higher than an Inverter AC.
Inverter ACs are pricier than Non Inverter ones while buying.
However, the lifetime cost is lesser than a normal
Non-Inverter AC.

How does a normal AC work?

Non-Inverter ACs can be found in two types- Window AC and Split AC. The main distinctive point between Window AC and Split AC is that Window AC has only one unit (installed at the window), and a Split AC has two (one installed inside the house and the other outside).

split ac multiple units 1

Window AC are not being used as much now. Split ACs are all the craze now. So, let’s see how it works:

So, Split ACs, as the name suggests, are split into two parts. One is placed inside the room and the other part is placed outside. There’s an insulating pipe that connects these two units to each other.

The principles behind the working of a Split AC are Evaporation, Compression and Condensation.

There’s a refrigerant gas that is circulated within the pipe which helps in providing the cooling effect. The system also makes use of a fan in the outdoor unit which helps in sucking the air from outside to condense the refrigerant gas used.

Let’s look at in in more details.

What are the major parts of Split AC?

The major pats of a Split AC are the following-

Compressor- It’s a part of the outdoor unit and is one of the most important part of the AC. It helps in the circulation of the refrigerant between the condenser coils and the evaporator coils.

Condenser- It also is a part of the outdoor unit. Condenser is basically a network of tubes that has the refrigerant in them. They eliminate the heat from the heated refrigerant gas.

Evaporator- It’s one of the most important parts of an AC. It’s a part of the indoor unit of the Split AC. It works opposite to the Condenser.

Fan- The fan is placed in the outdoor unit. It has an important role in taking the heat off the refrigerant from the condenser coils and dispersing outside.

Air Filters- It’s placed inside the Indoor unit. It filters the air before it enters the AC by preventing airborne particles from entering into the AC. It ensures quality air.

Drainage System- It’s placed in the outdoor unit and helps to drain the waste water.

How does a split AC work?

The entire process of an AC’s working is cyclic. When at first, the AC is turned ON, the compressor starts working like a pump compressing the gas which converts it into a high pressure liquid.

Next there is Condensation. In this step, the now liquid gas is cooled down however the pressure is still high. As the name of the process suggests, this is carried out in the Condenser Coils.

Next, the liquid goes to the Expansion Valve where the liquid is expanded and the pressure is reduced. Finally, the liquid goes to the Evaporator where the heat from the room is absorbed which converts the liquid refrigerant gas back to it’s original state. As the heat is absorbed from the room, the cooling effect starts.

The Working of Inverter AC

How does an Inverter AC work?

As we already know that the Inverter AC works at varying speeds catering to the temperature requirement of the room. Basically what it means that it works at a greater speed when needed and at a slower speed to maintain the temperature.

And to determine the desired temperature, it makes use of the set temperature on the thermostat by the user.

inverter ac vs non inverter ac

As the name suggests, an Inverter is used to control the speed which the compressor works. The AC measures the temperature of the incoming air and adjusts the speed of the compressor accordingly. Inverter AC converts Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC).

What are the advantages of an Inverter AC?

According to what we have already discussed in this article previously, we know that the major benefits of Inverter includes less power consumption hence lower electricity bills.

Another advantage of the Inverter AC is that it’s more efficient in maintaining the set temperature than a normal AC without an inverter.

It is also less noisier than a Non-Inverter

How is Inverter AC is different than a 5 Star rated normal AC?

The star rating of appliances is provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), India. It basically looks like a semicircle with five numbered stars. The rating is shown by colouring the said stars ( usually clock wise) in red.

Bee star ratings 1

The higher the star rating, more energy efficient the appliance is. This stands true for Inverter ACs as well. According to BEE, a 3-star Inverter AC is about 7% more efficient than 5-star normal AC which means it does about 7% more electricity saving.

What is a Dual Inverter AC?

dual inverter ac 1

So, you thought that Inverter is the best we got? Well you’re in for a surprise cause here’s Dual Inverter AC. Again as the name suggests, Dual Inverter AC has dual rotary motors.

It works in the same manner as a regular Inverter AC by constantly changing the rpm of the compressor. However, it is more efficient. It also makes even less noise than an inverter AC.

The ACs can be plotted like the following according the amount of noise that they make-

Non-Inverter AC > Inverter AC > Dual Inverter AC.

Another amazing factor about this new technology is that it can work with the same efficiency in temperatures above 46°C as well.

Finally, what is AC Capacity?

The cooling capacity of ACs is usually measured in Tons. Higher the tonnage, the better it is at cooling.

ac buying guide

Let’s look at it like this-
0.75 Tons = Small Bedroom’
1.00 Tons = Small office cabin/ small conference room/ normal sized bedroom
1.50 Tons = Master Bedroom / Conference room (10seater)
2.00 Tons = larger workspaces

AC Electricity Consumption
Anti Bacterial filters in Air Conditioners


There are various factors related to buying appliances- cost, energy efficiency, budget, performance, etc. On top of that, when  we’re  buying  appliances  like  AC  or  refrigerator, the stress increases as the environmental factor is also involved in it. One has to be careful in making decisions.

Hope this will help you in making the decision a tiny bit easier. Happy buying.

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