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Best window AC in India 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


As the name suggests, window air conditioner fits in Window of your Office or Home. Window AC is a single unit containing Compressor, Fan, connecting pipes, heating units, Refrigerants and other components in a box-like structure.

The higher number of Air Conditioners with different brands available in the market makes it more difficult to choose the best window AC.

Lots of options are available in India for best window AC which makes choosing the one among the best very difficult. We have collected the best features and details and bring a solution for you so that you can take an informed decision.

Best Window Ac

Best Window Ac In India

Many leading brands like LG, Godrej, carrier, Voltas offer a wide range of window AC in the market, let’s discuss them one by one.

In this article, we’ve listed down 10 Best Window Air Conditioners in India from different brands so that you can get a fair idea of which AC to choose.


For smaller rooms window air conditioners are preferred over split air conditioners. Window air conditioners are always cheaper than split ACs and also it is easier and cheaper to install window air conditioners than split AC.

Servicing for window ACs are much easier and less time taking than split AC. If you change your living place frequently and there is a need for reinstalling the AC again and again than window AC is all-time best for you.

Best Window Air Conditioners in India 2020


Hitachi window ac

This AC comes with the following features:

  1. This AC has an Energy Efficiency rating of 3 stars.
  2. The copper coil is used in the condenser coil.
  3. Since there is dry mode so it softly cools the room and decreases the humidity as well.
  4. Automatically setting up the desired temperature for the room for specific time without doing it manually is also a great feature for this air conditioner.
  5. No need to change settings every time if power cuts or power failure will be started in the same setting.
  6. There is a feature of filter clean indicator which will remind to clean the filter when required so that you always get fresh air and power saving is there.
  7. Warranty of 1 year on the product and warranty of 5 years on the compressor is available.

This air conditioner is a very good product of a very well-known brand and it is very user friendly and weather friendly modes of cooling.

Carrier ( CAW18SN3R39F0)

Carrier window ac

Carrier air conditioner is another fast-moving AC brand in India. The main reason is its reasonable price and standard features.

It is a window type of air conditioner which has 1.5-ton capacity and with 3-star energy efficiency rating. It is suitable for the room size of a medium to large i.e. area between 110-200 square feet.

The cooling efficiency of this AC is very decent but when the temperature goes high like in June at the time of intense summer it consumes more electricity than usual.


  1. Carrier 18k ESTRA neo (3 stars) AC r32 (1 ton, 3 star, white) comes with auto restart, auto swing, energy saver mode, auto fan speed super turbo mode.
  2. This air conditioner is made of high-quality Rotary Compressor Tropical and Exhaust command. This not only increases the life of AC but also aid in cooling efficiency.
  3. A few other exciting features in it include anti-dust filters, sleep mode, auto-restart mode, etc. On the whole, a decent product that have already won hearts of many in the summer season.

Additional Features:

Refrigerant- R32, Fan Motor 3 Speeds, 4 Way Air Direction, Room Temperature Display, Timer, Auto Fan Speed, Auto Swing, Auto Restart, Exhaust Command; Power Features: 230V/50Hz/1Phase

Blue Star ( 3W12GA)

Blue Star 3W12GA window ac

For summer months in India, this air conditioner is another ideal solution. All the decent features and space-saving design and decent functioning make it an ideal solution for hot summer.

Blue Star 3W18LB is a Window AC with 1.5-ton capacity and 5-star rating. The AC fits well to a medium to large size room of 130-200 sqft. In our test, we found out the cooling is decent it works well when the temperature is below 45 degrees.

But when the temperature rises above 45, it takes a longer time to heat the entire room.


Time to plan your summers with your friends at your home. The trust-able Blue Star Window Air Conditioners deliver powerful cooling performance, you feel like your summers turn into winters at home.

This AC comes with the following features:
  1. Energy Efficiency rating is 3 star.
  2. The condenser coil is made up of copper.
  3. The thermostat of anti-freeze feature on the Indoor Coil is a safety feature which stops the compressor and protects the unit.
  4. There is a feature, The Comfort Sleep which senses the changes of indoor temperature intelligently and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. It keeps you comfortable and gives you the sound sleep at night.
  5. When the Dry Mode is turned on, this air conditioner ensures a reduction of excessive humidity within the room.
  6. Fins that are Hydrophilic blue Evaporator helps the conditioners to condensate the accumulated water, reduce the deposits of dust and ensures the unhindered performance of cooling.
  7. Resisting corrosion and thus facilitating the maximum heat transfer from the room with the help of designed Special Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins thus increasing cooling efficiency considerably.
  8. Warranty of 1 year on the product and warranty of 5 year on the compressor is available.

Voltas (18H CZP, White)

Voltas 18H CZP window ac

Voltas is very popular brand among the buyers which makes it hottest selling AC brand in India. It comes in our list because of its high efficiency and worthy price.

It is a window type AC with 1.5-ton capacity and a five-star rating. You can fit it anywhere you wish too. It fits easily into a 120-200 sq ft room. It takes advantage of its ability of high ambient cooling even at 50 degrees.

With ultra-durable rotary compressor the cooling ability is enhanced. A vent is available there to bring the fresh air within the room and cool up every corner of the room at the same time.

About this item

Introducing Voltas All-Weather AC with High Ambient Cooling, Intelligent Heating and Active Dehumidifier

  1. High Ambient Cooling Keeps you comfortable even at 46⁰ C.
  2. Intelligent Heating : Keeps your warm and comfortable during winters by heating even at 0⁰C.
  3. Active Dehumidifier : Senses the indoor humidity and controls it in monsoon.
  4. Eco Mode : Optimizes the power consumption and saves on your electricity bills.
  5. Glow Light Buttons : Glow in the dark remote buttons to guide you when it’s dark.
  6. Sleep Mode : Comfortable temperature is maintained by excessive cooling cut and power consumption all night.
  7. Anti Dust Filtration : Removes dust particles to give you cool and fresh air.
  8. Instant Cooling : Turbo mode cools the room instantly.
  9. 100% Copper : Copper condenser coil is more durable and delivers efficient cooling.
  10. Self Diagnosis AC checks and reset automatically the abnormalities and all failures.


Severe weathers are no more a hassle with this Voltas 1.5 Ton 18H CZP Window AC fit to provide refreshingly cool air or warm to your home, as per your requirement.
Whirlpool Window AC 1.5T and 5 star
Whirlpool Window AC

Whirlpool air conditioner is the fifth-best window AC in India.

This AC comes with the following features:

  1. Energy Efficiency rating is 5 star.
  2. Condenser coil is made up of copper.
  3. Energy saver sixth sense technology helps in the adjustment of cooling so that there is pleasant cooling experience.
  4. In extreme temperature up to 60 degree Celcius the Turbo Cool technology supports inconsistent performance of cooling.
  5. The technology of Multi-Port Fluid Injection differentiate it with a circuit design of 4*4 evaporator to facilitate rapid heat exchange, thereby offering enhanced cooling.
  6. Sleep function of Sixth Sense helps in monitoring the temperature and provide good sleep with the optimum environment.
  7. Air Conditioner restarts from same settings of temperature whenever the power goes off every time.
  8. Warranty of 1 year on the product and warranty of 5 years on the compressor is available.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window Air Conditioner

Lloyd Window AC

In the last 2 -3 years Lloyd air conditioner has made a very strong presence in the electronics window air conditioners category. Lloyd Window AC of 1.5 Ton and 3-star rating has a cooling capacity of 4900W.

Copper coil makes it long-lasting efficiency and high cooling speed as compared to Aluminum Coil.

This AC is suitable for an area of 110 – 150 square feet room of size 10 X 15.

Central digital intelligent dynamic LED display shows the status of operation very clearly. Its user-friendly and smart technology makes it very famous and different.


This summer enjoy the cool environment at your home in this heat outside with the feature of two way swing and direct flow of air in horizontal direction by opening the vane of air in counter-clockwise direction.

O General AXGT18AATH 1.5 Ton

O General window ac

  1. Package of features packed window AC from O General Brand that combines a host of features and great performance.
  2. The AC with 1.5 T capacity is very finely compact but in any way it does not compromise with cooling.
  3. With 2-star energy efficiency rating of Window AC it is energy efficient and power saver.
  4. A remote controllable AC to be able to change settings without touching and making you comfortable and convenient.
  5. There is backside cover in this AC which is its unique quality as it protects it from outer dust and also maintains the airflow.


O General air conditioners are considered as the super-premium range as they are with superior cooling performance and durability of long-lasting. Continuous innovations and new models and categories introduction positioned it as a supreme product.

Onida WA185FLT 1.5 ton 5-Star

Onida window ac


  1. This ac has 1.5-ton capacity with 5-star rating.
  2. This is suitable for 110 to 150 sq ft room area or size.
  3. Condenser is made up of copper making it energy efficient.
  4. The machine is powerful one as it works on a rotary compressor.
  5. There is a feature of Auto-restart which is a notable one.
  6. This AC unit is energy efficient as it has a cooling capacity of 5100 W.

Features & details

  • Hydrophilic Fins
  • Powerful Cooling feature.
  • High savings
  • instant cooling With R410 green gas

Godrej Window AC (1.5 Ton 5 Star) (Copper, AC 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA)

Godrej Window AC


  1. This AC comes with R32 refrigerant which has 0 Ozone depletion potential and low Global Warming Potential (of only 675).
  2. This refrigerant also helps you get powerful cooling and saves power at higher ambient temperatures compared to other refrigerants.

Features & details

  • Cool/Auto/Dry/Fan/Sleep/ECO

Panasonic (CW-LC183AG, White)

Panasonic window ac


The extremely warm days this summer is going to be made pleasant for you thanks to the amazing Panasonic CW-LC181/2 AM Window Air Conditioner that provides you with incomparable performance levels at all times.

The air conditioner with a 1.5 ton capacity that helps to cool a considerable area efficiently and provides clean and fresh air to give you a hill station like feel in your living room.

  1. The air conditioner comes with various filters that ensure the air in your home is free from any bacteria and airborne diseases.
  2. The various working modes of the air conditioner allows you to enjoy cooling according to your needs for optimum results.
  3. The amazing performance coupled with a durable construction makes the air conditioner the perfect option for you this summer.
  4. Apart from giving you amazing cooling performance in cost effective process, the Panasonic CW-LC181/2 AM Window Air Conditioner comes with other features that ensure cooling is just one aspect of the air conditioners’ performance.
  5. The amazing PM2.5 Filter helps to eliminate dust particles in the air to give you a healthy environment at your home.
  6. The LCD remote with night glow buttons make operation very easy while the copper condenser provides better performance and durability at all times.

Window AC Buying Guide

Choosing The Best Window AC In India

Every variant has its own exquisite feature so that makes it more difficult to choose.

Nevertheless, if you make a checklist list that tells you what you want then your shopping task would be much easier. first, we recommend you to look for the must-have considerations and then relate it to your requirements.

For the same, we have written a buying guide that will help you to jot down your individual considerations and make your shopping experience much easier. So, let’s go forward and have a look at them.

Size Of The Room

This is the first thing that you need to look for because an ACs don’t work for all the size of the room. They have their cooling capacity that relates to the size of the room.

If Room area is between 120-200sqft then AC with a capacity of 1.5 ton is suitable for the room in which installation to be done because for this much area 1 ton AC would not be cooling enough.

For small size or medium size rooms the window AC of capacity, 1 ton would be good and enough.

If at all your room size is bigger than 200sqft, installing a 2 ton AC is recommended for faster cooling.

Power Consumption

In India, during the summer season it’s very hot. You can’t think of living without AC whether its day time or night time. With this kind of usage, the electricity bill is for sure to go high.

Looking into this need and to reduce the electricity consumption of windows ACs have come up with energy-saving technology.

All the windows ACs work on different power wattage and thus might consume more or lesser electricity than others. The rating goes high when an AC unit consumes less electricity and vice-versa.

The best one in this range is Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC. Though the price for 5-star air conditioner is high but it is worth for one-time investment. With this, your electricity bill would be minimum even in summers for years.


All air conditioners have their unique features, for example, controlling the temperature between 16-29 degrees and one auto mode. Like for example, a Turbo feature will take out excess humidity from the air, and different varieties of filter that remove the dust and other air pollutants from the air.

The more features you get the merrier and convenient it is. The best suggestion would be to go for ACs with such features which gives you comfort and convenience as customization is available as per your needs or requirements.


This is something that is your own choice. But as AC is an one-time investment, you are going to use it for over 10 years than investing in the best Window ACs in India is always advised.

Best window ac price starts from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 35000 and can goes up to Rs. 40000 which depends on the rating and many other things. Finally, you can look into our list of best quality window AC with details and features as they are studied and reviewed with the existing customers.


We have just gone through the list of top 10 Window AC available in India in 2020.

An AC is an an appliance that is needed at least half the year in India.

If you are planning to buy one, we suggest you invest in a quality one and make your purchase worthy enough to last you long.  Hence, first, understand what you need and for where you need it. Once you are clear of that, then you can decide on the budget. Importantly, make sure you no matter which one you get but it should be energy efficient to reduce the later costs.

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