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Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser/ Water Heaters – Choose the Best

Before buying the best geyser one needs to clear their mind about the type of geysers present in the market. On the basis of storage capacity water heaters are usually categorized into two types – Instant geyser or storage geyser.

We have already seen the comparison on the basis of space (ideal water heater). Everyone have different needs according to which all brands have different models ready for you.

Instant 3 litre Geyser

Instant 3 litre Geyser

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Here we will try to discuss all the possible aspects based on which you can choose which one type will be the best for you.

In this article we will try to cover all the major points that can come into your mind while buying a water Heater.

  • Space occupied by the geyser
  • Time taken by the geyser to warm water
  • Price range
  • Water Heating cost
  • Life span
  • Usage Type
  • Flow rate
  • Power consumption

So Firstly lets discuss what are instant & storage heaters are?

Storage 10 litre Geyser

Storage 10 litre Geyser

Instant Water Heaters

As the name suggests, the appliance will instantly supply you hot water. These water heaters have very low storage capacity. Their storage capacity can be in range of 1-3 Litres. Because of their instant heating feature, the water heater draws more power from the system.

How they work?

Instant water heaters working principle is somewhat similar to immersed heating rods with some extra safety features. These water heaters consists metallic coils that are dipped into the water tank.

As you switch on the power the metallic coil will heat up & water will start flowing over those coils, which ultimately warm your water. In case of Instant water Heaters the temperature of water depends on the water flowing rate.

If you increase the water flow rate temperature will get lowered. Like in case of showers where water flow rate is high, instant water heaters are not ideal.

Ideal use of Instant water Heaters

These water heaters are ideal for kitchen & washbasins. As water flow required there is quite low so instant water heaters can provide the required temperature.

If you are living in cool place, never choose an instant water heater because the temperature of input water is already quite low.

Benefits of an Instant water Heater

  • Because of its small size, Instant water heater will fit in even small mounting spaces.
  • You will get hot water instantly.
  • Stand-by Heat loss is very less with Instant water Heaters.
  • Lifespan of an Instant water heater is little higher than the storage water heater.
  • Instant water heaters are more environment friendly as compared to storage tank water heaters.

Major Drawbacks of Instant water Heaters

  • To deliver water with optimum temperature in minimum time, Instant water heater put more load on the power supply as compared with storage water heater.
  • Not an Ideal option for showers. If you are a shower person & want to enjoy hot showers than Instant water Heaters are not going to help you.

Storage Water Heaters

Water Heaters with more than 3 Litre of storage capacity falls under this category. Size of these water Heaters are quite big as compared with Instant water Heaters.

In storage tank water heaters hot water gets released from the top of the tank & cold water enters the tank from bottom to ensure that the tank is full.

How Storage water Heaters work?

This type of water Heater consists of two pipes – one pipe for inlet & other one for outlet. The basic principle behind is to convert electric energy into heat energy using heating elements.

As the basic principles of both the water heaters are same, the only difference is that in this type of water heater first the water gets stored in tanks & then heating process starts.

Ideal use of storage water Heaters

Storage water Heater is best for bathroom & laundry rooms, as large quantity of hot water can be stored in their tanks. If you are living in some cold places where water input temperature is quite low than storage tank water heaters will work best for you.

Advantages of storage tank water Heater

  • A wide range of different storage tank sizes is available.
  • Easy to use & maintain.
  • A perfect choice for families.

Disadvantages of storage tank water Heater

  • Occupy large space in your bathroom
  • Heat loss is more in this type of water Heater.
  • Lifespan is shorter as compared with Instant water Heaters.

Still confused? Let’s do a quick comparison between both types of water Heater

FeatureInstant water HeaterStorage tank water Heater
SizeIt is very compact & small in size & won’t take much space in your bathroom.Quite big in size because of storage tank.
Action TimeIt will deliver hot water in an eye blink.You have to wait at least 5 minutes for your warm water.
StorageUpto 6 Litre only6-50 Litre
CostCheap as compared with storage tank water heatersA bit expensive
Best suitable forKitchen & basin usageBathrooms, showers
Life spanLittle high Little less
Water flow rateLowHigh
Water Heating costLessMore
Power consumptionMoreLess

We hope this article was helpful to you. Good luck for your purchase.

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