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Size guide to choose ideal water Heater

Planning to buy a water heater this winter? Confused about the size? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

Best Water Heaters in India are available in all shapes & sizes. One needs to find the perfect size for them. This brings up the question that what should be the ideal size?

Based on requirements the size will differ. Size also depends on the type of usage & how many people are using it.

Storage Water Heater

Storage Water Heater

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Why should you consider the ideal size?

Size does matter when it comes to choosing a perfect water heater. The smaller water heater might not be able to fulfill your requirements and the bigger one will consume more electricity & cause water wastage.

How to calculate the perfect size of Water Heater for your family?

To calculate the size of the water heater first calculate the amount of hot water you want in a day or at a time. Nobody knows your requirements better than you. For bathroom use, if people are using geyser one after another for bathing purpose then 15-25 litres capacity will be sufficient.

Your habitat location might also affect the size choice. If you belong to the southern part of India where the temperature of the input water is not that low, then you can opt for regular options. While in the north, the input water temperature is quite very low so you might need at least 25-litre water heater for a normal family.

In case if there is more than one output connection of water heater & you want to use both at the same time then you require double capacity water heaters. We know this is a bit difficult to choose the ideal size, to have an overview of the calculation you can also follow the below table.

Number of MembersUsage TypeWater Heater TypeIdeal Size
2-3 MembersBathing – bucketInstant Geyser6 Litres
2-3 MembersBathing – bucketStorage Geyser10-15 Litres
2-3 MembersBathing – bucketStorage Geyser15- 25 Litres
2-3 MembersKitchen or basinInstant Geyser1-3 Litres
4-8 MembersBathing – bucketInstant Geyser6 Litres
4-8 MembersBathing – bucketStorage Geyser25 Litres
4-8 MembersBathing – bucketStorage Geyser25 Litres
4-8 MembersKitchen or basinInstant Geyser1-3Litres

This capacity guide will help you in selecting the right or ideal water heater.

Don’t forget about space

Choose a water heater according to available space. The storage water heater is huge & will occupy most of the space. While on the other hand Instant water heaters are very compact & perfect for small bathrooms. In conclusion, for small bathrooms choose instant water heaters & go for storage water heaters if you have more space available.

The shelf life of water Heaters

Shelf life mainly depends on two factors: Type of water heater and Type of water. If we talk about the type of water heater: Instant or storage, Instant water heaters have a better shelf life as compared with Storage water heaters.

It is because water stored in storage tanks decomposes the inner coating of the water heater, which leads to less shelf life.

The type of water mainly affects the performance of the heating element. In the case of soft water input, the water heater stands to last more as compared with hard water input. Hard water has a high amount of salt which accumulates over the heating element & forms a scale layer on it. Scaling reduces life as well as the heating effect of the coil. Hard water is also responsible for the corrosion on the inner lining of the water tanks.

The average life of Instant Water Heater is 20 years & storage water heaters last up to 8-12 years.


Let’s rewind the perks of ideal water heater:

  • Less power consumption
  • Optimum temperature whenever you want
  • Longer shelf Life

We hope this article has helped you with your purchase & you bring your ideal water heater home. Happy Shopping!

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  2. I am a little bit perplexed about the ideal water heater. I am facing many problems with my existing water heater at home. After reading this article, its clear to me. Which heater to buy or which do not. You are an awesome man. You save my time & money. I appreciate as you curated a list of the ideal heater

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